Thank you Ron, you did so much to help us, for the 2nd time!

This is the second time we have used Ron, and he was great both times. We came to him with some serious concerns, and he took the time to give us options, and represented us well. He communicated early and often and ensured all our needs were met, and ensured our financial arrangement was correct throughout the process. I highly Recommend Holland Law Firm!

Steve – August 9, 2018

Very thoughtful, consummate professional!

My encounter with Mr. Holland on a bankruptcy matter was extraordinarily positive. He was thoughtful and, with his experience, made an observation which enabled me to see my case in a different and highly advantageous light. I would strongly recommend his services to anyone seeking help with a bankruptcy.

anonymous – July 16, 2018

Highly recommend

Very professional, informative and compassionate. I highly recommend Mr. Holland. He informed me of many things including the type of lawyer that would specialize in my exact needs. Even though he did not specialize in what I needed he still shared his wisdom with me.

Mimi – November 22, 2015


We had no choice but to file bankruptcy, we were losing our home and had credit cards that we could not pay. No jobs, and the future looked very bleak. We hired Mr. Holland to represent us. His service from him and his staff was outstanding. He explained all that we needed to do this, and informed us as to what to expect in court and such. He is an outstanding attorney and I would never have a problem referring

any of my family, friends, or even strangers to him. We were very satisifed with his services.

anonymous – May 4, 2011